At Kim Hung Crafts, we pride ourselves on having over 500 local artisans with rich experience in manufacturing handicraft products.

The local artisans choosing to continue in their mother and grandmother’s footsteps are preserving Vietnamese traditional crafts. Each handcrafted piece reflects the spirit of artisans creating it and their passion for traditional weaving handicrafts. Creating a handmade product brings not only better support to their family, but also a way to hold a story and communicate culture..

With admiration and respect, Kim Hung Crafts hope to promote their journey to contribute in keeping their traditions alive and continue growing with the artisans.


Inherited not only the weaving skill but also the love in craftmanship, our artisans are passionate about incorporating the traditional weaving into their work. This technique requires all steps done by hands. Therefore, our craftsmen must have rich experience and skillful techniques that nonstop develop through the decades to create the best handicraft products.

Retaining the tradition does not mean being bound to it and ignoring evolution and market trends. Our product design process is beautiful between traditional skills craftsmanship from our artisans and the creativity from our designer’s team who get inspired from the daily local livelihoods, combine with market trend, and their magnificent imagination.


“Handicraft products for a sustainable lifestyle”.

That is the reason our products are mainly natural fibers. They are mainly materials: water hyacinth & seagrass

Seagrass – “the grass that belongs to the marine”.

This great material is harvested sustainably in the coastal brackish marshes area, it is well-known by the seagrass due to its strength, softness and silky. To our artisans, this material is not only high-quality natural fiber to craft beautiful products but it is also the signature tree of their childhood

Water Hyacinth – “a weed plant from the river”. 

They are the most popular materials for home handicraft products due to its durability and beautiful brown color. It is a soft material that has been used many for handweaving rugs to create a comfortable feature as well as the beauty of the products.

Palm Leaf – “a purely natural gift from the forest”.

All our individually handmade products with white patterns all crafted by palm leaf fiber. We selected this material then split, braid and hand-weave with traditional technique to ensure the fiber’s edges and surface are smooth and have natural white color

Our Story

Handicrafts for a sustainable living

Ms. Nguyệt Huỳnh has grown up in a traditional village in Me Kong Delta area in an artisans family. With the love of handicrafts and the ambition to bring Vietnamese handicraft to the world, especially with the water hyacinth and sea grass products, and a big wish to bring more work and income to support the local artisans, especially local women, who has experience and skills to weave great handicrafts, she and her family found Kim Hung Crafts (Hop Tac Xa Kim Hung) in 2006.

By open a successful handicrafts business, Kim Hung Crafts can help a hand to preserve and develop the tradition by passing down it down through next generation. Kim Hung Crafts desires to promote sustainable lifestyle with eco-friendly natural fiber products and share to the world.